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Reception Learning

Afternoon Tea

Reception class decided to host an afternoon tea for their parents. They began by batch making plenty of scones and we then decided to have a go at homemaking the rest of the cream tea components. We took the minibus up to Spilman’s farm and had great fun strawberry picking. Back in the classroom, the children made a simple version of jam and enjoyed drinking the strawberry juice. We learnt how to make butter in a jam jar, observing changes as the cream was shaken. On the afternoon, the classroom was a hive of activity, setting tables, designing menus and learning how to take order. The customers arrived and we were delighted with the turn out. It was a lovely afternoon and the children were very proud of their hard work and effort!

Strawberry Picking

Delicious Strawberries

Making Jam

Setting the Table

Designing Menus

Afternoon Tea

The Scent of Summer

The children have shown a lot of interest in the different smells of the various herbs and flowers in the garden and have been busy concocting delicious smelling perfumes. They have learnt the names of the plants and made plant labels to help us remember them. They then created names to suit their individual scents. This led us on to looking in detail at the different parts of a plant and they completed a celery science experiment to prove how plants drink their water.

Purple Pig Farm Visit

The whole school was treated to a visit from The Purple Pig mobile farm. The playground was transformed into a real life farmyard and the children were given the opportunity to learn about and pet calves, piglets, goats, rabbits, chicks and ducks.

Sport Week

This week has been Reception’s first Sports Week. We began with a colourful and cultural opening ceremony. Each house team designed banners, chants, songs and dances, before performing for each other. We had our traditional sports day races and events and the week ended with a whole school Race for Life.

Opening Ceremony

Warm Up

Race For Life

Race For Life


The Climbing Wall

The children were giving a fantastic opportunity to scale the visiting climbing wall. We were so proud of the bravery and perseverance and there was a great effort from all!

Awesome Artwork

The school opened as an art gallery, showcasing every classes amazing artwork for parents. In Reception we completed work based on Van Gogh. The painted some wonderful sunflower pictures and worked with partners to create 3D Starry Night scenes.

Life Cycles

Our very own caterpillars arrived at school this week and we have been fascinated by how much they eat and how quickly they grow! We spent the week finding about the life cycle of a butterfly and learning the technical vocabulary involved. After lots of Talk for Writing the children wrote some fantastic explanations of the process.

A Wheelie Fun Day

Following the children’s interest in bikes and scooters, we had a week based on wheels. We began by reading the brilliant book Mrs Armitage on Wheels and decided to decorate our own bikes with tassels and number plates. On Thursday we all brought our own wheels to school and had a ‘wheelie’ fun day, racing around the playground. In the afternoon, the Year 6 Buddies made different routes including stop/go signs, petrol stations and speeding tickets!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Super Reception!

For the past two weeks, it has been all things Superhero in Reception Class. We arrived on the first day to discover different vegetables had been captured and trapped around the school. After reading the story, we discovered it was the work of the Evil Pea and we needed to make our own Supertatoes to rescue the veg.

We then wanted to become superheroes ourselves, so costumes were required. We tie-dyed plain white t-shirts, created a design and  learnt how to print. The finished results were fantastic.



Our t-shirts

Fantastic designs

We also had fun writing secret messages with our special UV pens. These were posted around the room for others to try and read. After listening to different superhero stories, we had a go at writing our own which included lots of exciting events. We used the numicon to measure the skyscrapers and work which one was the tallest. After all our hard work, we finished with a fantastic superhero party.

Secret Messages

Superhero Stories

Numicon Skyscrapers

Superhero Party

Off By Heart Poems

To celebrate the end of our poetry week we held our Off By Heart Assembly. Chosen children from each class stood up in front of the entire school to perform their poems. We were very proud of the three Reception children, who bravely went first to perform theirs. They were given a huge round of applause for their efforts.

Can a Parrot Eat a Carrot

The Goldilocks Poem

The Snowball Poem

A mile for Sport Relief

On Friday, Reception class completed their first charity run for Sport Relief. They were all incredible, taking part and running with fantastic enthusiasm. All children completed the mile and some went on to do more! A fantastic effort Reception, well done.

Waiting to set off

1 mile completed!

3 laps down, but ready for more!

We did it!

Reception Class in the New Library

We got our first chance to visit the brand new library today and it was fantastic to see so many children enjoying books by themselves, or being read to by the Year 6 librarians.

Lights, Camera, Action!

At the start of the week some of the children expressed an interest in film making. More children joined in and they had soon decided that the role play area was a cinema. We thought it would be fantastic if we could make a real film and decided to act out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk through freeze frames. Each group selected the props they needed for their scene and thought about how to show the characters’ feeling through their facial expressions. Music was added and the children each wrote their part of the story to be featured on the final product. With the film completed we now needed an audience. The children designed and made posters to advertise the movie and invited their Year 6 buddies to come and watch the premier. Seats were numbered and placed in rows, popcorn was made and tickets handed out. Reception class had truly become a cinema!

Creating Freeze Frames

Making our own props


Enjoying the film

Random Acts of Kindness

To reinforce our monthly value of generosity, we read the story of The Smartest Giant in Town and considered all the kind deeds the Giant showed to the animals he met. We then thought about how we have shown kindness to our friends, teachers and family.

Show Stopping Shapes

The children have amazed us with their knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes and this week they created some amazing pictures and models of castles.

World Book Week

This week was our whole school World Book Week. We began with an assembly on Monday morning looking at some of the entries for our book quote competition. It was fantastic to see so many brilliant examples from Reception! On Friday we had our official World Book Day and we were delighted with the effort children made on their costumes. In our assembly, the children explained who they had come dressed as and told us about their favourite books. In the afternoon, we all cosied up in our pyjamas and onesies and settled down for a big quiet reading session.

Chinese Dragons

Imagine the excitement when we arrived at school to discover a giant nest in the outside area. On closer inspection we then found some strange looking egg with burn marks and came to the conclusion it must belong to a dragon. We carefully hatched the eggs and found our prediction was correct, baby dragons! This led on to us finding out about the importance of dragons to Chinese New Year and great fun was had creating a dragon dance, tasting Chinese food and painting a dragon mural.

Dragon Eggs

Chinese Dragon Dance

Homemade Spring Rolls

Dragon Mural


Perfect Pets

Recently we have noticed a lot of interest in animals and pets, so we have followed this theme and children have excitedly brought in pictures of their pets to share with us. They have also been busy drawing their pets and we now have a wonderful animal art gallery in the classroom. We have learnt how to care for our pets and the children created a wonderful vets in the role play area. On Thursday we had an extra member in Reception, when one pupil brought his pet African, pygmy hedgehog in for us to learn about and on Friday there was further excitement when two rescue guinea pigs spent the day with us.

Throughout the week the children were very busy making dog biscuits and on Thursday a little stall was set up and manned by a group of Reception children. It was an absolute sell out and we have decided to continue making and selling next week. All the proceeds are going to The Dog’s Trust.

Hedgy the Hedgehog

The Guinea Pigs

Dog Treats for Dog’s Trust

Selling Biscuits

A Trip to the Sugar Mouse

Our classroom Pick and Mix shop has been very popular, so we decided to have a trip to a real sweet shop. Using our new minibus, the children travelled to the Sugar Mouse and had great fun choosing and paying for their own sweets. They have assured us they were delicious!

On the Bus

In the Shop

Choosing Sweets


Capacity Capers

This week the children have been solving problems and using the vocabulary associated with capacity. They began the week clearing the playground of slush and snow and seeing which bucket would be filled first. With so much slush on our hands, we turned the outside area into a slushie factory. Throughout the week the children made delicious smoothies and came up with their own recipes using the correct capacity term. Also around the classroom the children had to work out which was the best cup to give their thirsty teacher. They demonstrated their estimating and problem solving skills brilliantly.

Clearing the Snow

Slushie Factory

Writing Recipes

Solving Problems

Pick ‘n’ Mix

On our return to school the children discovered a sweet shop in the classroom. Much fun has been had taking it in turns to be the shopkeeper and customer and there has been a lot of practise in handling money. In our maths we have been working on 1 more and 1 less and we really had to put this into practice when a 1p sale was introduced to the shop. Towards the end of the week, we were beginning to think about our favourite sweets, so we have decided to design and make our own magical ones next week! We are also hoping to visit a real sweet shop soon. Since we were having some treats, we thought it was only fair to treat the birds outside too. Therefore we have been busy making bird feeders and deciding the best places around school and home to hang them.

Playing in the Sweet Shop

Estimating Sweets in the Jars

Choosing where to put the bird feeders

Festive Fun

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Reception had lots of Festive Fun in class. We decided the classroom needed a Grotto and the children worked hard transforming the role play area. All the children seemed to know how a grotto should be run and we even took our role play outside to build Santa’s sleigh. We were disappointed when the sleigh wouldn’t fly, so some magical reindeer food was made. We finished off the festivities with a brilliant Christmas party including games and a visit from a very special guest!

Santa’s Grotto

Santa and Rudolf

Reindeer Food

Christmas Party

A Little Bird Told Me

A big well done to all of Reception Class for their very first Nativity. The all looked wonderful in their costumes and were so confident on stage performing our production of A Little Bird Told Me.

The Wise Men and Camels

The Stars

The Sheep

The Angels

The Aliens Have Landed

The children arrived at school to find that strange slime had been left all over the outside area. There was a recorded message from a group of friendly aliens, who had come to Alne Primary School to teach them all about Space and Aliens. Throughout the week the children made their own stretchy slime, created marbled planets and transformed the role play area into a rocket. We even managed to bring phonics into it when we made glittery alien words.

Marble Planets

Alien Words

Alien Slime

Children in Need

Last Friday was our annual Children in Need day and we had great fun coming to school dressed Topsy Turvy. Reception made a fantastic effort wearing odd shoes, clothes back to front and even pyjamas!

Pudsey Bear Tricky Word Hunt

Topsy Turvy Friends

Topsy Turvy Class

Marvellous Maths

This week we have been using 1p coins to reinforce our counting and addition skills. The children used egg box ten frames to help them with their 1:1 correspondence and so they can see a real visual representation of the number. There was a fantastic understanding of place value when a second 10 frame was added and we crossed into teen numbers.

Using a 10 frame

Representing Numbers

Counting with Coins

Letters Home

We have been really into writing letters to each other in Reception Class, so we decided to write letters to someone in the family, have a trip to the post box and send them home.

Off to the postbox

Posting our letters

A Spooktacular Week

This week has been all things Halloween. We read different stories including Room on a Broom, Winnie the Witch and Meg and Mog to get us in the mood and then followed this up with lots of spooky activities.

The Potion Table

Hammering Pumpkins

Shrunken Apple Heads

Casting spells with our homemade wands.

Big School Party

To celebrate the children completing their first half term at ‘Big School’, we held a Welcome to Big School Party. The children changed into their posh frocks and partied the morning away. There was a Strictly Come Dancing contest, games and a visit from the Year 6 Buddies. We finished the morning with a celebratory cake!

Dancing with Buddies

Strictly Come Dancing

Yummy cake

How Big?

We have been fascinated by size in Reception, so this week we have been measuring ourselves, our friends, our feet and anything else we can get our hands on!

Measuring Ourselves

Measuring Feet

The Gingerbread Man

The children loved joining in with the story of The Gingerbread Man and some wonderful play dough models have been made. However the enthusiasm didn’t stop there, a group of children went on to make kites to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river.

Gingerbread Play Dough


We were surprised to receive a letter from a group of gingerbread man asking Reception to create other ways to cross the river. The children rose to the challenge at the tool bench and created some sea worthy boats!

Hammer and Nails

Sailing Boats

Setting Sail


With Autumn upon us we began to think about all things Harvest. The children were very knowledgeable suggesting ideas such as conkers, scarecrows, fruit, vegetables and combine harvesters. We used the story of the Little Red Hen to think about the process of bread making and had great fun making and tasting our own crusty loaves. For our Harvest celebration the children designed and made some fantastic shape scarecrows. These were then shown in church along with a fantastic rendition of the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

Making Bread

Shape Scarecrows

Shape Scarecrows

Our interest in fruit and vegetables led us onto us preparing some delicious vegetable soup. Some amazing kitchen skills were displayed and we certainly have some future chefs! Things got messy we used different fruits to create repeating patterns and some there was some clever maths work when we had to sow the seeds in the correct patterns too.

Preparing Vegetables

Fruit Printing

Preparing Vegetables

Seed Patterns

Starting School

The Reception children have made a great start at Alne Primary School and are quickly settling in and learning new routines. They have had the opportunity to meet and form friendships with their Year 6 Buddies and have spent lovely sessions sharing the story bags made for them.

Sharing story bags

Counting and threading

Constructing with shapes


As well as getting to know the classroom and each other, Reception have been practising writing their name, counting, recognising and writing numbers, creating wonderful pictures on our new painting wall and constructing.

Chalking our name

Learning to write our name

The painting wall





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