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Ice Curling in PE!

In PE this Friday, we made the most of the unusually wintry weather by having a go at a sport that we don’t often get a chance to play outdoors in the U.K – curling!

The playground being completely covered in thick sheet ice would usually mean that outdoor PE would be impossible, but after a quick bit of gritting and shoveling to mark out ‘safe’ areas and some highly technical modification of our indoor curling set (taping plastic plates to the bottom of them…), we soon had everything we needed for a game!

The children developed their technique, learning to kneel down and slide the stone from their side in a long, sweeping motion for maximum control and power. The main event was a competition played across the Solar System, with planets awarding varying scores according to their size and distance from the sun. The game was brought to an exciting conclusion in a distance contest, played on the shadiest (and therefore slipperiest) strip of the playground.

We felt really lucky to have the chance to play ice curling in the U.K. It offered the opportunity to try out something completely different from a ‘normal’ Friday PE lesson, and hopefully it will be a memorable experience for the children!

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