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Believe, Care, Strive, Achieve

Values and Ethos

Alne Primary School – Ethos

‘Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of a fire.’

(William Butler Yeats – 1865-1939)

Our key values at Alne are;

Believe, Care, Strive, Achieve.


We aim to;

  • Create an imaginative, inspirational teaching environment where every child is happy at school, enabling them to thrive, grow and achieve.
  • Encourage confidence, independence and individuality alongside respect and tolerance.
  • Engage local communities and the wider world.


Our children say about their school;

‘That teachers care about you and you learn loads of stuff.’

‘There are lots of new things to try, people to make friends with and to have fun.’

‘Teachers protect you in the school.’

‘It is a healthy school.’

‘I like the fact that everyone gets to take part in different things.’

‘Everyone is caring about you and helpful.’

School is temporarily closed to the majority of children. Stay safe at home.