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Believe, Care, Strive, Achieve

Class 6 Learning

This term there is a real focus on reading for Pleasure.
Year 6 had a brilliant time ice skating as a reward for their Duke of Alne
In Year 5 and 6 this week we carried out some Science experiments. First of all we made an indicator with red cabbage to test the acidity and alkalinity of different substances. We then watched Mr. Easton show us a reaction between mintos and coca cola! We got a bit wet!

We then made our own Harry Potter potions.

Our Young Leader Clubs are so successful that Year 6 have been rewarded by receiving their new hoodies. The gardening club designed leaf crowns!
Last week Class 6 had days out at Linton school taking part in collaborative writing and at Easingwold School having a Science Day. They really enjoyed themselves and learned lots of new things!

Our Harry Potter Visit that has been the stimulus for our English this term

Well done to our “Writer of the week” (see the story further down)


Young Leaders: Year 6 lead lots of Young leader Clubs such as Dance, Lego, Football,Art, Tennis,Dodge ball. these cover all ages in school. These children are very positive and enthusiastic leading their younger pupils.


Paired Reading: Every Friday Year 6 children are paired to hear Year 1 children read. We have taught them how to question and discuss the text with their partner.

The sorting hat

Tuesday 12th september

The roof like a sky full of stars, lit by thousands of candles glinting all around me, casting smoky shadows in hidden places. “FITTON GRACE!” professor Easton’s roar filled the hall distracting me from the scene before my eyes. Dragging her feet up the steps nervously, she had seemed to be a lot more confident than me before. A whirl wind of thoughts stampeded through me as I imagined me going up the cobbled steps, how nervous would I look? How nervous would I feel?

Finally, the voice of professor Easton rang in my ears sending an icy shiver up my spine “TATE RUBY!” I took a deep breath then cautiously stepped forwards. The four colours in sight, yet there was something that made my eyes dart to the Slyrthin table edged with silver and emerald students.

A rapid stream of adrenalin trickled through me as the hat plonked over my eyes, locking out the world around me. The deafening silence filled the hall.

“Slyrthin, Slyrthin, please be in Slyrthin,” I pleaded wordlessly.

“Ah, you want to be in Slyrthin, well it’s all there your quite right yet you have all the greatness in you to be in Gryffindor…very well it will have to be…SYLRTHIN!” a rage of applause erupted from the Slyrthin table. Glory rained over me. They welcomed me with vicious cackles and cunning smiles.

The Year 6 Netball Team

We played 5 matches at Easingwold school and came 4th overall. Well done girls!

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