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Believe, Care, Strive, Achieve

Class 5R

Welcome to Class 5R

Mrs Robson is Class 5R’s teacher.
Mrs Porter is their teaching assistant.

Welcome to year 5.

Building confidence is a big part of Class 5, and we take part in lots of activities that encourage us to speak and listen effectively, become comfortable working with a range of different people and even plan and deliver our own lessons!

We do a lot of thinking about thinking in Year 5.  We are big believers in ‘Growth Mindsets’ and have made words like determination, positive thinking and resilience part of our everyday conversation.  We have also recently been trying out SOLEs or Self Organised Learning Environments, an idea created by educational psychologist Sugatra Mitra to help build children’s collaborative learning skills.

We enjoy problem-solving maths sessions, where we work together in groups and use our individual strengths to crack tricky problems. We choose the problems we would like to tackle and the order that we would like to take them on. We build our mental maths skills using Kahoot! quizzes, which are exciting, team-based games that we can create ourselves to test each other. These skills are useful when we take part in our big maths projects, such as the ‘Bioblitz’ in the summer term, which is an investigation we carry out into the biodiversity of the playing field.

Our writing sessions involve lots of discussion, exciting stimuli and big, colourful planning. Some of the things we did to inspire our writing last year included visiting Harry Potter Studios, developing and playing a muggle-adapted version of Quidditch, visiting Eden Camp and even experiencing the York Blitz by being part of an air-raid in our own classroom.

We are keen scientific thinkers, and had the chance last year to visit the local secondary school to take part in an exciting project into the amount of calories in food. This involved planning, carrying out and drawing conclusions from an investigation in which we used Bunsen burners, boiling tubes and all kinds of other scientific equipment.

We value each other’s individual strengths and achievements in Class 5, and between us we have many talents; there are lots of keen musicians and sportspeople. There are plenty of chances for us to use these skills both in our learning and in the wider school setting, including harvest festival, summer concert and the Christmas production, as well as sports week, cluster cross-country running and the football, netball, tag rugby, hockey and cricket teams!

School is temporarily closed to the majority of children. Stay safe at home.