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Class 4 Learning

Take a look at what we have been doing in class 4.

BBC 500 word story competition news to share

We were really proud to receive notification that these stories had been chosen to go through to the second round of the judging in the BBC  500 word story selection process.

Very well done! Click on the link and enjoy reading them.

Class 4 500 word selected stories
As a class we really enjoyed creating chocolate themed messages to celebrate Mr Platt’s birthday.  This is what we created.


We enjoyed our Roman life day in the forest, the Roman themed team games were a lot of fun, but investigating the owl pellets was definitely the highlight for us all.

Following latin commands, in the Roman ship game

Following commands, in the owl and mouse game

Learning the marching formation

Perfecting our team work – marching in time

Finding owl pellets

What will we find in owl pellets?

Exploring owl pellets, finding mice skulls

Finding tiny bones and skulls of mice and birds


Our Roman Civilian Experience Day

Carefully using knifes

Peeling eggs, not as easy as you first think!

The flatbread dough is coming together

The fruit platters being arranged

Relaxing enjoying our banquet

Wax tablet writing

Sewing Roman Bullas

Playing 3 in a row


We enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and also our bed time book sharing task.

World Book Day costumes –                     Thank you parents

Sharing books with our friends

Thank you for reading to us Mrs Sheard

Thank you for reading to us Mrs Wakerly


Today we recieved an unexpected letter from Attius, who had failed to keep his food diary safe, so sent us a parcel with samples for us to investigate, as archaeologists, to discover and compare our diet today with that of a Roman
I tried to find out more about Roman food but didn’t have much luck, as it was such a long time ago.  But then, one of my friends recommended Atticus, a very special Roman boy, with amazing powers.  I thought my friend was joking, surely there can’t be a Roman still alive?  Apparently, he was blessed by Jupiter to live for eternity.  Class 4 – here is his reply to my message!

Dear Miss Juden,

I am sorry it has been so long since I replied to your email but I have been extremely busy recently. I love to hear that Class 4 are interested in finding out about what the Romans ate. To help you, I tried to keep a food diary, but think I lost it when I went to the chariot racing at the Colosseum. However, I have managed to save you something that might help you to discover what the Romans ate.

Please let me know if I can be of help again.


We found evidence of lots of herbs, they must have had there own herb garden.

They ate kidney beans, herbs and orange peel.

Some of us were more disgusted than others by exploring the sample!

We found seeds, carrot and olives too.

Lucky for us, we had a cricket workshop in school.  Although it was a very chilly morning it was a lot of fun; even our teachers couldn’t resist getting involved.

We enjoyed our team working challenges to create group models of the Pantheon, using marshmallows, spaghetti and newspaper.  There were many challenges to overcome, but we did it!

We have made an impressively great start on our ‘Romans on the Rampage’ topic.

During our visit to the Yorkshire Museum, we learnt a lot about the Romans by looking at artefacts, enjoying the dressing up workshops, playing Roman games, creating Roman charms, taking part in army drills and building and testing model catapults. (If you would like to view us during an army drill, find us on twitter)

Using our geography skills we discovered Roman Britain, exploring the tribes and matching the information to Britain as we know it today.

Finding Eboracum

Great map reading skills.

Pin, point, focus skills

Leading up to Christmas we explored our science topic of electricity. We explored the journey of electricity, electrical safety, making circuits (including switches) and understanding about insulators and conductors of electricity.

Using the 19th century diorama idea, we designed and created our own story stages, to show the main characters and setting of a chosen Christmas story.  It was so much fun creating the light circuit to add and control a spotlight too.

Searching for hazards!

Performing is a favourite too! Here we are entertaining the residents at Oaktrees with a selection of Christmas songs – our favourite had to be ‘The twelve days of Christmas,’ greatly helped by the props to hold up!

You can see how much we enjoy singing – it really makes us feel good too.

Everyone loves art in class 4.

We enjoy learning new techniques, this is mono printing used to make our Christmas cards.

We are learning French!

We have been enjoying learning some more vocabulary.  We hope you like our French monster descriptions.

Thank you Mrs McCarthy, for helping us to make slime!

Could we do a topic titled ‘slimy and squirmy’ and not make slime?

Over the autumn term we have been exploring many science based tasks and have used them for inspiration for writing, calculating, measuring and many more creations.

Following on from our work studying teeth, we set up an investigation with eggs to see the effect drinks (water, lemonade and no added sugar ribena)  had on tooth enamel.  We were shocked by how the egg shells were affected.  I think we’ll be brushing our teeth more often!
Exploring the great outdoors, we enjoyed searching for snails, before being involved in many snails observation tasks.  The highlight of the day was snail racing!
We got to make our own snails too, just to help us to remember how much fun we had with the snails.
Whilst snail observing was a lot of fun, I think we beat it with building wormeries and charming our own worms – it was so much fun.  Just look how many worms we charmed!
We enjoyed working together; baking Nishnobblers and Pishlets from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes.  We also enjoyed making dream jars inspired by Sophie and the BFG.


We have also been enjoying some science through our slimy and squirmy topic, especially tasting different tastes to test out the tongue map and joining in a research investigation to demonstrate how our digestive system works.

Class 4 celebrated Roald Dahl’s birthday on 13th September.

We all wore a yellow accessory, yellow was Roald Dahl’s favourite colour, to add to the mood of the day.

Wearing our yellow accessories, as yellow was Roald Dahl’s favourite colour.

Our day was been filled with celebrating lots of the slimy and squirmy aspects of the Roald Dahl, including;

  • baking ‘Nishnobblets’ and ‘Pishlets’ from Roald Dahl’s revolting recipe book,
  • making dream jars,
  • bravely searching for worms in Mr Twit’s spaghetti whilst being blindfolded,
  • writing our own revolting recipes and creating a new sweet
  • solving many mathematical and logic puzzles and mazes
  • creating bookmarks,
  • and watching the Puffin live webcast celebrating Roald Dahl Day with extracts from the Min-pins and Quentin Blake drawings.

Class 4 approached the day with an amazing attitude.  Well done to all.

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