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Class 2 Learning

We have started our ‘On Safari’ topic. Our main focus is going to be Africa but to begin with we have been learning a bit more about where we live in the world. This will help us when we have to compare Africa with our local area.
We have been learning the 5 oceans and 7 continents of the world. We also used Google Maps to look at our local area.
We went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to learn about animal habitats and adaptations. Lots of the animals were African. We had a fantastic day! The animals were in a very cheeky mood and many of them came quite close to us so we could clearly see them. We had to work out which animals some of the objects belonged to. This was a polar bear skull!
This was very smelly camel fur! We handled cockroaches.
We were also able to handle a giant snail… and allowed to touch a python!
We have been learning about verbs and adverbs. We then used these to write some firework poems.
Inspired by harvest time Class 2 decided to use some cooking apples to make apple and chilli chutney. The children learned to use knives and peelers safely and were also able to weigh out all of the ingredients independently. Everybody tried the chutney on some bread and it was really spicy!

We have started our topic called Once Upon a Time. Everyone filled a bag with their favourite book and lots of props related to the story. They then showed the class the props and they had to guess which book was in the bag and give a reason why. This was lots of fun. The children also shared their bags with others on their table. 

We have also been comparing the similarities and differences in Julia Donaldson books. We all really enjoyed reading the books and some children were even introduced to some books they have not read before.

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Mar 2018