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Class 2 Learning

Welcome to class 2.


SPELLINGS-Argghhhh!! They can be fun and children take a real delight in recalling a word correctly.

We do not have spelling tests weekly at school, however the children will be tested on their spelling ability at the end of the year.  Everyone has different opinions about spelling.  Spelling is a life-skill and people can be judged by poor spelling, however unfair!  I believe that the first printing presses were introduced by the Dutch and might be the reason we have some strange spelling rules as standards were set hundreds of years ago!!  We learn spellings at school with a look, cover, and write approach and through handwriting practice. However, I have made a list of the most likely spellings your child will be tested on.  I am sending home a hard copy-they are in tables of 10 and a manageable set can be achieved each week or every other which is entirely voluntary.  I have put a hard copy in the book bags. I do understand that doing spelling work at home can be traumatic!!  You can check if your child can read and then write the words, if they are correct then all is good.

School is temporarily closed to the majority of children. Stay safe at home.