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Celebrate Writing

Celebrating writing throughout school:

In KS2 we have all been busy writing to enter the BBC 500 word competition. We voted for our favourite class stories and then shared them with the rest of school.
Click on the links to read our chosen stories. Year 6 500 words

Year 4 500 word story

A year 4 500 word story


Year groups Our writing
 Reception  Describing ‘The Gingerbread Man’

Year 1  The story of the Little Red Riding Hood.
Year 2  
Year 3  
Year 4 In class 4 we have been creating Roman myths:

Up in the sky, Jupiter, Juno and Neptune were drinking wine and laughing in one of their castles of the gods.  Far below, a few crows could be seen dancing and falling off tall pillars on purpose. One small crow peered down a pillar and fell.  The gods laughed harder and harder but Jupiter took pity on the small thing.  He looked out of the window, to see the valley far beneath them.  Transforming into a raven, he left his wife and brother dancing around the mosaic floor.

All the shadows started to creep up on the crows, the older crows took off.  Jupiter saw a familiar chariot soaring through the darkening sky.  A high pitched laugh echoed around it.  Apollo was casting dark snakes at the birds and crows.  Diving deeper, Jupiter saw a snake snapping at the small crow who was cowering under a pillar.

He beckoned to it and told it to follow him up a rocky cliff where a glowing bowl sat, gleaming like a thousand suns.  In those days, Apollo ran free as he was young and not to be trusted, he thought the crows were targets and sent dark snakes to pluck and nip at their feathers.  The crow hung his head, Jupiter noticed this and took off to put on a show.  At first it went well until a billion snakes surrounded a small circle of sky.

Two snakes bit, plucked and pulled at the small crow who stood on the rim of the bowl. Finally, the snakes were driven back and Jupiter summoned all the birds and crows to wash themselves in the magic water from the bowl.  One by one the birds flew up into the starry sky.

The water made stars and the glowing bowl made the moon.  Now when Apollo casts dark snakes, they will fade and be destroyed straight away because of the stars and moon.  When the gods heard of this, Apollo’s mother scolded him and Jupiter granted Apollo’s twin sister, Diana, the power to control power.  Mercury, Venus, Neptune and the rest all clapped.

And that’s how the moon and stars were made.

Year 5  The tale of the three sisters

There were once three sisters. Each had their own personality and they were each looking for different things in life. They each had their own road in front of them.

It was a beautiful winters day as they walked down the foggy street of Diagon Alley. They were shopping for next year’s cloaks. They were going to use hand-me-downs from their older siblings but two of them were just to spoilt. The first sister was selfish and uncaring, the second sister was always nagging and demanding. Last but not least was the good girl, who was honest, kind and caring. They all chose their cloaks: the second one obviously chose the most expensive one in the shop, the first sister chose the most flattering one and the third sister chose the cheapest one of them all. Together they all clambered into the changing rooms. The ground rumbled and suddenly a figure was forming in front of them. It was inky black and in a ghostly shape. These girls were third year witches already. They knew who the figure was…it was DEATH!

A few minutes later death started raging with anger at the first two girls. He wasn’t anywhere near as angry at the third girl; the reason for this was because she hadn’t done anything wrong in her life, but oh boy had the first two.

Death started to speak. He tricked the girls slyly into thinking that he had been very grateful to them. The third sister knew that this wasn’t real, but because death was so powerful she kept her mouth shut. Death asked the girls if there was anything they wanted in life. You could tell the first two sisters were bursting with ideas. The fist sister asked for everyone to obey her as if she was the most powerful ruler of the wizarding world. The second sister charmed death into giving her the most beautiful body in the world. Last but not least, it was the third sister’s turn. She announced “Death, I hate to ask, but since you’re giving me the offer, I would like to make the world love itself for what it is again.”

For the first sister, death plucked a crown from inside his cloak. For the second sister, he unravelled all the clothes in the fascinating shop around them, sealed them in a bag and passed it to the her. However, for the third sister, Death unclipped the curtain from the dressing room and wrapped it all up into a wand to make the world great again.

The first sister seemed to think her crown was the latest fashion. Actually it wasn’t to all the public; she looked horrifying and ugly with it on. For the second sister it was even worse. All the clothes had rotted in only one day. The third sister sadly died from the plague, but everyone was grateful for what she became. She was also remembered for many years; stories are still being told of this lovely, honest woman.

Class 5

Year 6 Battle Cry!
The people of Alne we must start an uprising against these dark angels God has bestowed upon us but I need you the village needs you your family needs you to fight, fight not just for glory but for you fallen brothers and sisters.I can’t promise you will all survive it is true god is not on our side but if we work together every man, women and child strong and unshaken week and nervous old and young we must win for me for your family for your freedom.These monsters have come many times before but this time we will stop them we will be prepared and we will kill them like they killed our family.
Year 6 Battle Cry

Men, Women, children aunties, uncles, grandad’s, grandma’s, enough is enough I am fed up of these brutal barbarians taking control of our lives. This is not what should be happening, us little cowards running away and letting our loved ones get taken away.

We are intrepid, we are brave, and we are strong. Vengeance is coming, this time we will win. We won’t be known as cowards we will be known as the era of power. Our names will blaze with glory.

Do you want to be fed to tyranny or be a little bay who is a lame slave doing nothing for themselves we shall fight for honour, justice family and most of all our freedom. So do you want to live a life and not be human slaves, so let’s get working!

Year 6 Battle cry
People of Alne, it is time… time we start a rebellion against the creatures of the mist. I stand before you as a man of wisdom and as an avenger to those filthy creatures that come from the unknown.No more shall we stand there as slaves… slaves in fear, but we shall stand there like warriors with courage, if we want to get rid of them we need to do what’s right!Shall we continue to run and let them ransack our village day after day? Stand with me… It is time to take back what is ours!
Year 6 Battle cry!
Men, women and child. Hear my calling. Hear my plead for your safety. Hear my speech directed at every one of you.These mortal barbarians shall no more make my village stand in shame… nor be chained, chained in your own cowardice.Shall we give in? Shall we give in because we aren’t mighty and barbaric enough? NO! Shall we give in because the lord won’t answer our pleads? NO! All that says is that we need vengeance!Sisters, brothers and stand: Old, young women and child. Stand with me: show me what we can do together…

Do we do this for ourselves? Our life? Never, never, never, never.

We should fight for more than gold… more than Diamonds… more than silver. We shall fight for our lost. We will fight with our emotions.

I can’t tell you that all of you will come back to read stories or watch the sunset glow back in to the castle.

Though I have one promise.

And one promise only.

That your names will be blazing in the even most forbidden consolations.

And that is a promise.

These pieces could be the early examples of our authors of the future.


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