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Celebrate Writing

Celebrating writing throughout school, maybe these pieces could be the early examples of our authors of the future.

Year groups Our writing
 Reception  Describing ‘The Gingerbread Man’ completed on the 11 October 2017-only 6 weeks after starting school.

Year 1  This work was completed on 20th September 2017 – the story of the Little Red Riding Hood.
Year 2  
Year 3  
Year 4 In class 4 we have been developing our writing, using videos and pictures to get us started.

Year 5  The tale of the three sisters

There were once three sisters. Each had their own personality and they were each looking for different things in life. They each had their own road in front of them.

It was a beautiful winters day as they walked down the foggy street of Diagon Alley. They were shopping for next year’s cloaks. They were going to use hand-me-downs from their older siblings but two of them were just to spoilt. The first sister was selfish and uncaring, the second sister was always nagging and demanding. Last but not least was the good girl, who was honest, kind and caring. They all chose their cloaks: the second one obviously chose the most expensive one in the shop, the first sister chose the most flattering one and the third sister chose the cheapest one of them all. Together they all clambered into the changing rooms. The ground rumbled and suddenly a figure was forming in front of them. It was inky black and in a ghostly shape. These girls were third year witches already. They knew who the figure was…it was DEATH!

A few minutes later death started raging with anger at the first two girls. He wasn’t anywhere near as angry at the third girl; the reason for this was because she hadn’t done anything wrong in her life, but oh boy had the first two.

Death started to speak. He tricked the girls slyly into thinking that he had been very grateful to them. The third sister knew that this wasn’t real, but because death was so powerful she kept her mouth shut. Death asked the girls if there was anything they wanted in life. You could tell the first two sisters were bursting with ideas. The fist sister asked for everyone to obey her as if she was the most powerful ruler of the wizarding world. The second sister charmed death into giving her the most beautiful body in the world. Last but not least, it was the third sister’s turn. She announced “Death, I hate to ask, but since you’re giving me the offer, I would like to make the world love itself for what it is again.”

For the first sister, death plucked a crown from inside his cloak. For the second sister, he unravelled all the clothes in the fascinating shop around them, sealed them in a bag and passed it to the her. However, for the third sister, Death unclipped the curtain from the dressing room and wrapped it all up into a wand to make the world great again.

The first sister seemed to think her crown was the latest fashion. Actually it wasn’t to all the public; she looked horrifying and ugly with it on. For the second sister it was even worse. All the clothes had rotted in only one day. The third sister sadly died from the plague, but everyone was grateful for what she became. She was also remembered for many years; stories are still being told of this lovely, honest woman.

By Eve

Class 5

Year 6 People of Alne, listen!

This monster has been destroying our village for years, if we don’t do anything to stop it will continue to demolish the country. It can take our crops, take our houses, take our lives, but it will never take our freedom.  

Are we going to let this dragon tear through our village, tear through our lives? NO! We will fight for our lives, fight for our family, fight for our freedom. We won’t cower in the shadows anymore it’s time to fight, time to win. We will stand strong we will stand as one, walking down this path to victory.

We are here today, not as farmers, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters we stand as an army. Follow me, follow me to victory, and let this monster be history. The dragon is vicious, colossal, monstrous but if we stay together we can be more than just that, we can be winners…       

By Ruby

Writer of the Week

January 12th 2018

The Sorting Hat                                                                                                    Tuesday 12th September

The roof like a sky full of stars, lit by thousands of candles glinting all around me, casting smoky shadows in hidden places. “GRACE!” professor Easton’s roar filled the hall distracting me from the scene before my eyes. Dragging her feet up the steps nervously, she had seemed to be a lot more confident than me before. A whirl wind of thoughts stampeded through me as I imagined me going up the cobbled steps, how nervous would I look? How nervous would I feel?

Finally, the voice of professor Easton rang in my ears sending an icy shiver up my spine “RUBY!” I took a deep breath then cautiously stepped forwards. The four colours in sight, yet there was something that made my eyes dart to the Slyrthin table edged with silver and emerald students.

A rapid stream of adrenalin trickled through me as the hat plonked over my eyes, locking out the world around me. The deafening silence filled the hall.

“Slyrthin, Slyrthin, please be in Slyrthin,” I pleaded wordlessly.

“Ah, you want to be in Slyrthin, well it’s all there your quite right yet you have all the greatness in you to be in Gryffindor…very well it will have to be…SYLRTHIN!” a rage of applause erupted from the Slyrthin table. Glory rained over me. They welcomed me with vicious cackles and cunning smiles.