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Reception Learning

Letters Home

We have been really into writing letters to each other in Reception Class, so we decided to write letters to someone in the family, have a trip to the post box and send them home.

Off to the postbox

Posting our letters

A Spooktacular Week

This week has been all things Halloween. We read different stories including Room on a Broom, Winnie the Witch and Meg and Mog to get us in the mood and then followed this up with lots of spooky activities.

The Potion Table

Hammering Pumpkins

Shrunken Apple Heads

Casting spells with our homemade wands.

Big School Party

To celebrate the children completing their first half term at ‘Big School’, we held a Welcome to Big School Party. The children changed into their posh frocks and partied the morning away. There was a Strictly Come Dancing contest, games and a visit from the Year 6 Buddies. We finished the morning with a celebratory cake!

Dancing with Buddies

Strictly Come Dancing

Yummy cake

How Big?

We have been fascinated by size in Reception, so this week we have been measuring ourselves, our friends, our feet and anything else we can get our hands on!

Measuring Ourselves

Measuring Feet

The Gingerbread Man

The children loved joining in with the story of The Gingerbread Man and some wonderful play dough models have been made. However the enthusiasm didn’t stop there, a group of children went on to make kites to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river.

Gingerbread Play Dough


We were surprised to receive a letter from a group of gingerbread man asking Reception to create other ways to cross the river. The children rose to the challenge at the tool bench and created some sea worthy boats!

Hammer and Nails

Sailing Boats

Setting Sail


With Autumn upon us we began to think about all things Harvest. The children were very knowledgeable suggesting ideas such as conkers, scarecrows, fruit, vegetables and combine harvesters. We used the story of the Little Red Hen to think about the process of bread making and had great fun making and tasting our own crusty loaves. For our Harvest celebration the children designed and made some fantastic shape scarecrows. These were then shown in church along with a fantastic rendition of the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

Making Bread

Shape Scarecrows

Shape Scarecrows

Our interest in fruit and vegetables led us onto us preparing some delicious vegetable soup. Some amazing kitchen skills were displayed and we certainly have some future chefs! Things got messy we used different fruits to create repeating patterns and some there was some clever maths work when we had to sow the seeds in the correct patterns too.

Preparing Vegetables

Fruit Printing

Preparing Vegetables

Seed Patterns

Starting School

The Reception children have made a great start at Alne Primary School and are quickly settling in and learning new routines. They have had the opportunity to meet and form friendships with their Year 6 Buddies and have spent lovely sessions sharing the story bags made for them.

Sharing story bags

Counting and threading

Constructing with shapes


As well as getting to know the classroom and each other, Reception have been practising writing their name, counting, recognising and writing numbers, creating wonderful pictures on our new painting wall and constructing.

Chalking our name

Learning to write our name

The painting wall





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